MODEL 1SR377H AKA K277H
The best guess on the date of this Wedgewood is 1958. Features are two 12" bass
speakers plus the 1000 cycle exponential treble horn, two-channel 30-watt
divided-frequency amplifier (AMP 150), FM-AM radio tuner (Chassis 54-01-BA
SAMS 446-13) with sound equalizer controls, precision changer with Stereophonic
Diamond Pick-up. Another brochure indicated earlier units had the 25-watt dual
channel amplifier. "The Two-Channel amplifiers are utilized to achieve superior tonal
reproduction in medium priced Magnavox instruments. The Two-Channel Divided
Frequency amplifiers are employed
in the finer Magnavox instruments...and amplify bass and treble responses
separately in each of the two channels; thereby eliminating intermodulation
distortion." The Collaro Changer had label under the mat with Model H-400. Since it
has a "finger" the SAMS could be 285-6, 342-3, or 464-6. Holding out for more
references from Model Number, chassis numbers to SAMS which references the
SAMS hopefully for the changer.

A Companion Extension Speaker was available. It matched the Wedgewood in
furniture appearance and in "Stereophonic-high fidelity performance." It contained a
15" bass speaker, a 1000 cycle exponential treble horn.

This Magnavox Wedgewood came out of an old shed. Mice had set up housekeeping
living a magnificent life. The owner wanted it fixed. I explained what all I would
have to do and the cost. No problem. I fixed this old thing and it sounded great. I
did not get the cabinet finished as per owner. After it was done I contacted the
owner, yada, yada, yada. Short story is I got stuck. I didn't even get out of it
what I had put into parts.
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