Shed Radios


Shed Radios

Thanks for coming to my website. I like fixing up old tube radios. In fact I can't pass up other tube type equipment. You'll see some as I get to them. I want to have a site because I have some "stuff" others might like to see. There's some really good sites about radios, much better than what I can put together. As crude as my site is I'm pleased I got this far. I got a whole lot of information I want to add. It's going to be a long haul for me. But I enjoy the hobby very much. I will be working to update as much as I can. I struggle with this HTML. Seems everytime I look at my pages something has changed. Text walking over text and pictures, etc. If you have a question let me know. And a big thanks for stopping by.

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Some radios
Heathkits OCT 1952 with prices
Admiral Line For '49
Some Magnavox Information
Collaro Record Changers
Demolition of old sheds
A real nice shed dump
Nothing wrong with loose tubes
New old stock tubes...regardless
It's Pick-up time again
Another load but not much
The one meg resistor
Crosley 53TF with dangling field coil
Tube adapters
Guitar Amplifiers
Pictures from under the chassis!
RCA Phonograph Model SHP-7 (1959)
Zenith Trans-Oceanic Model H500 1953
Still old caps Zenith Trans-Oceanic Model H500 1953
General Electric Model 220 1946
Art on face of TV Picture Tube
Reproduction Batteries and Parts for Zenith Trans-Oceanic Radios
The Official Jimmy Payne Website (Singer and songwriter)
Stafford Family Dental Care in Stafford, Virginia
Accurate Printing in Woodbridge, Virginia