I received a call from an owner of a demolition company about a whole bunch of old TV's at a place he was to demolish. Wanted to know if I was interested. He told me there were hundreds in sheds, the old house, and piles all over the grounds. Said the place has been vacant for a number of years and one of the sheds was what looked like a repair shop. He had never seen such. He also told me there were tubes and old radios too. My interest peaked a little more with that and I said I would like to see the stuff. I told him how those old TV's explode. He wasn't aware of that and was concerned about his workers. We would get together before start of demolition and go over the area. As it happen I got a call the very day they were already working the site. He said come on by and he couldn't believe how the TV's were going off. Something none of them had seen or heard before. I spent some time there just looking over things and taking a few pictures.

I would have liked to explored all of this old place before the tear down started. Just wasn't told in time. But I appreciate what the owner of the Demolishing Company did for me. I was told some kids had vandalized the house and even broke a lot of old records. I didn't get very far into the house, couldn't move around. Since there were old TV picture tubes outside their cabinets it was a dangerous place for kids. All the places were just full of stuff. I was surprised no tube caddies were found. I did get a few NOS tubes, boxes in bad shape tho. I took home a few very beat up radios and test gear. Also carried a little mouse home in the cab of my truck. He had stashed away in that Emerson Catalin radio. He jumped out when I got home. But I got news for "Jerry". I haven't seen a mouse around here at all. Lots of cats in our neighborhood. FYI I'm not in any of the pictures.

One shed had the roof caved in. Among other things in it was an old Majestic. I couldn't drag it out. I was able to reach in and with my fingernails pull out the nails holding the escutcheon. Of the loose tubes I did test three 45's and two 42's in the lot. One 42 is bad and the others are ok. The Emerson Catalin Radio BT245 had more cracks than my skin. Sold it on Ebay.