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This Supro dates to 1959 according to the installed original parts. The Rola 8-inch speaker has a date code of 285940. The number on the paper cone is 40H005. The power transformer E-3036 by Chicago Electronic Engineering has a date code of 166939. Same date code for their OPT E-2640. The Stackpole switch has 404919. The tubes are most likely original. The RCA 6V6 and 5Y3 have date codes of 59-43 and 59-39 respectively. The 12AX7 has no markings. The Mallory can electrolytic capacitor is also date coded, 235932. Every corner of the cabinet has covering worn off and same goes for some other edges. Someone must have wiped the white logo cleaning the wire screen grille. That accounts for the chalky look on the screen.