Clean and shiny resistors. Regardless of how good these resistors looked many
were way off. I can not remember as many carbon composition resistors in any
one piece of equipment being so far off. I replaced a lot of these resistors.
One of the 27K ohms was reading about 69K ohms. The other in the 40's K
Look at the 10K ohm , R39 going to pin 6 of a 12AX7.  I was reading 197 volts
on pin 6. The schematic called for 160 volts. Also, R39 is a 100K ohm resistor.
After I installed the 100K the voltage reading was 158.5. Not bad.
The unsoldered joint. This is the same 12AX7 where the 10K
mentioned below was installed. Guess there was a fire drill or
something going on at the factory when this was made.
I had this amplifier setting around for about two years. I got it from a
good old boy out around Charlottesville, Virginia. I finally decided to check
it out and change out a few capacitors. I really can't describe how it
sounded. I understand it had been stored away for a long time before I
got it. I understand why now. It required a lot of work.
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