Philco 40-145
I have just about finished with this radio. Nothing was done to the cabinet except cleaning. The grille cloth is original. I
got the set without knobs. The ones in the picture came from a Philco 40-160.  I need the escutcheon Philco part
number 28-5742 for my 40-145. I think I could use one from Model 40-100 or 41-226. I would like to know about the
knobs on the 40-145 too. The same knobs 27-4332 are used on the 40-503 and 40-506, probably others. If you have a
set with correct knobs please let me know color and style or a good picture. I have some of the old standard looking
knobs used on Philco if these are original to the 40-145. Willing to pay for the escutcheon and the right knobs. Thanks
for your help.