Sometimes you just can't find a model number on a Magnavox Console. That's the
case with this one. But Magnavox model numbers aren't much help. You most
always have to get the numbers off the chassis of the tuner, amplifier, or
whatever to locate schematics. And expect differences when you do start
comparing the schematic with the chassis. Lots of time you just go with what you
get and work it out. Most changes if any are minor and the skilled technician can
handle. But my word you like to know what you have by model number. So you
look and look for a picture of one like yours. This set was manufactured June 24,
1962. I believe it is a Model 2ST656 and I'm sticking to it. Magnavox had so
many styles, they tacked on different bases, panels, grille decorations, etc. but
the basis design was still there. This console has 4-6BQ5 Amp 9304-20, Tuner
7909-10, and a Multiplex Adapter 70-02-00. And one of the very best record
changers, the Imperial Micromatic S600. UDATE: Cost $425.00 in 1962.
Hi there.

As a contribution for your excellent and dedicated site, here's my Magnavox

It was bought here, in the Republic of Panama by my grandparents in the mid 60's.

I have seen this model only once in the internet from a guy who had one like mine,
it's a Japanese style. Perhaps in the 60's a Japanese Style was not very popular.


Luigi Alegre
Republic Of Panama
Here is a real nice looking Magnavox.
This Magnavox is a Model 3P3400. The chassis is R21216 BB. The date of
Manufacture is 08/68. Information on this chassis can be found in SAMS
Photofact Set 900 Folder 7. The record changer had been removed. Going by
the SAMS data the changer would be W611-01-01. This set had other issues.
I believe someone had tried to hook up another changer, too many crossed AC
wires and burn-out of parts. They may have attempted it twice from the looks
of tuner chassis.
This is one of the Gold Seal Models. The amplifier is a 30 watt stereo
chassis 9302-00. The tunner is 5712-10. It is AM/FM with a tuning
meter, also FM AFC. The FM Multiplex with this conole is 7004-10.
The FM Multiplex could be bought by the customer and a reasonable
mechanical  person could DIY install. The kit included the multiplex,
hardware and instructions. The kit cost about $30.00. This one was
installed wrong. The record changer installed on this console has Made
in England, reference number 6138, Part number 523223-7, R-600
Custom. It has a flip type cartridge. Note the emblem on the changer.
Speakers are two 15" and two 1000 cycle horns. You could get it in
Mahogany or Cherry and it came with casters. It was purchased from
Thalhimers, Richmond, VA in 1962 for $495.00. Lot of bread in them
Thanks for sharing Luigi.
Model 3P3400