MODEL 1P3804
Seems most Magnavox Consoles can have different legs and grille work on the same basic console
design. I recall about three different leg designs and two different grille treatments for this style
console. This Model 1P3804 is solid state and dates to 1968. The tuner 214-06-00 has a December
1967 date. The record changer W620-11-00 is dated 1968. The record changer is a good one. I was
told this console was purchased from Thalhimers, Richmond, Virginia at about $470.00.

                                               MODEL 1P3823
This is Don's Magnavox. Won't tell who Don was but he's passed on now. If it was
Magnavox he believed it to be the best tho he did have trouble with his
Magnavox TV. It's a Model 1P3823 Pecan but the picture is a little dark. He only had
about five records. His favorite was "The Welfare Cadillac" by Guy Drake. Also,
this was a "piece of furniture" then and still so to this day. Pictures just loaded on
top. It has a chassis R220-17-CC. The record player is W802-01-00. Speakers
enclosed in styrofoam. It dates to about 1968.
Magnavox 1P3804