The mat on this changer was soft. So
many ends up hard and brittle. Depends on
I don't recall seeing these styles of Magnavox
without stenciled info about the set. Note the
"Mod 625." If you have no other tags this
might help you determine more of your model
This console has the 88-02-00 amplifier. The
four 6V6GT Tubes branded Magnavox w
ere made
in Japan. All tested on Hickok 533A and were
weak and failed the life test. The two 6EU7 and
rectifier 6CA4 tested very good. All components
not to my standards were replaced.
The owner said the speed was off. It sure
was! When I removed the turntable I got some
black stuff on my hands, it was soot. The
motor overheated for some reason. Couldn't
help it so swapped changer out for a W603-30
Since the Japanese 6V6GT tubes were weak
and had failed the life test new tubes were
ordered. Owner wanted to keep cost down.
Ordered him 4 matched burned in Slovakian
made SS 6V6-S.
I repaired this console for a gent in his
90's. He wanted to play his Christmas
records. It is 40" W x 16 1/2" D x 29
1/2" H. The AM/FM tuner is 59-37-10. I
didn't have any data on it but it is very
much like the 79-Series tuners. The tubes
are 6DT8, two 6BA6, 6BE6, 6AL5, and
6EU7. The 6DT8 was bad, the rest in
good shape. All electrolytics and any cap
except mica were replaced. All resistors
check and only a 10K in the 245V supply
which showed signs of heat was replaced.
And I used a 1watt.
The record changer is a Model R600
Custom. It dates to 1962. The
cartridge is an Astatic 710 with
appropriate Astatic needles.
There's a label with: Notice to Service
Men. "Adjustment for Balance Control is to
be found behind the Bass Control Knob in
the center of the Hollow Shaft."
The tuning meter light got a little hot there.
All three lights on the set were blown. That
smashed lead between chassis and console
bottom didn't short out.  
This set is equiped to accept a FM
Multiplex Adapter to receive
stereophonic FM radio broadcasts.