I don't recall where I picked up this radio. The cabinet had a
label with Sentinel 275-T. But I knew it wasn't a 275-T because
I have one. The round broken dial glass was of yellow print, had
an eagle and the words Majestic "Mighty Monarch of Thelia."
The model number wasn't anywhere on the chassis. I removed the
chassis and this green paper thing and photographs fell out from
beneath the chassis. The pictures were loosely wrapped in one of
those old big fake dollar bills. So much for hope of a stock
certificate. The 275-T cabinet had been modified for the round
dial and new control holes. It wasn't a nice job. And to go along
with that part of the cabinet had been painted. Among other
things wrong with the chassis was a burnt power transformer.
Just too many problems to fool with on this one.
<<<That's a bear.
Mar 8 1952  >>>
<<< June 6 1950
Inquiring minds want to know...I just don't have information on the pictures. Two pictures had a date.
There's an indication on the June 6 1950 the young girl is 16. That's it. Click on the picture for a larger