This Magnavox is a solid state console from 1965. It's an Astro-Sonic Stereo High Fidelity console. Finish is
Fruitwood. The speakers are two 15" and two horns. The chassis is R202-03-00 and information on this chassis
can be found in SAMS Photofact Set 767-8. The record player is a Model A600 Imperial Micromatic and the
date code 6305. The installed cartridge was an Electro-Voice 132 and was bad. I replaced it with a new
Electro-Voice 258. For my purchasing power the Imperial Micromatic is the best, least troublesome record
changer. Always works so smooth with a cleaning and relube. This unit was purchased from The Smith & Phillips
Co., Floor Covering, Appliances-Funiture, East Liverpool, Ohio for $495.00.