This Magnavox Model 1RP201 is a ten tube
AM-FM-FM Stereo with a 4 Speed Automatic
Record Changer. It was made in 1965. The output
tubes are a pair of 6BQ5's made in Great Britian.
All the tubes have a date code of 1965 except the
AM converter with 337 448. All the tubes tested
very good on a Hickok tube tester except for the
6C9. Of all the NOS tubes I have I did not have a
6C9 and had to order one. There's no dial lamps
on this console. I might figure a way to install a
couple later on. I checked a lot of the parts on
this one. Replaced a few I might have left in it if
it was a solid state one. But looking to future use
I don't want to pull the chassis again any time
soon. The original record changer cartridge EV 258
did not have a needle and the cartridge yoke was
broken. I replaced it with a new Astatic 461
cartridge with needle. After some new parts with
260 volts on the plates of the 6BQ5 tubes I figure
a distortion free 10 watts
Console is in garage and gets played quite a bit. Plan
on keeping for now. The Cartridge and the Capacitor
was most of the cost. Looks like cartridges are
going up.
The original record changer that came with this
model is a 603-30-00 as shown in pictures. I
needed one of these to replace one in another
console I had. This Model RP201 now has a
R-600 Custom Changer from 1961. It's very
The chassis number is R311-11-00.
As is with Magnavox specific chassis
documentation is sometimes hard to
come by. I used SAMS 779-2A and it
was good enough to do the job. Also
note, at least for chassis listed in the
SAMS, they were used in TV's
covered by SAMS 779-2, U44 series.