I don't have technical data on this Lectrolab model. And the little bit of info on the web isn't clear to me as to just what is the configuration of the Model R-700C. This amplifier was sold as is. But it has been worked on by a local amp tech. It sounded good to me except the bass pot did not seem to vary much. This model has diodes instead of a tube rectifier. The tubes are two Sovtek EL84/6BQ5 and two RCA 12AX7A. The 6BQ5 are substituted for 7189. The speaker is a 15 inch CTS 8-ohm impedance, "Custom Built for Allen Organ" date code 137-409. The faceplate is scratched, pit marks and for some reason a hole at far right. It has been painted. Even at that the covering is not too bad. I used a CD player to show amplifier works.
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