This Magnavox Console Model 1P3762 dates to 1970/1.
It has the Micromatic Record Player without the Cue
Lever. The number on the player is W821-01-00. It
was made in 1970. The cartridge is an Electro-Voice
275. The needle is new and is an Astatic N2-sd.
Needles are easy to get but the cartridge isn't and it is
expensive, at least for my pockets.

The loudness control on this console has been abused.
The right channel speakers cuts out and a slight
movement of the loudness brings the speakers back on.
Replacement of the control is needed or perhaps it could
be fixed. But I don't plan on looking into it. The
pushbuttons are ok but the power button seems a little
loose. The chassis is R231-01-BA.  
Magnavox Model 1P3762
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