I got this Airline because the cabinet looked nice. It's a Model 14BR736B. I was disappointed when I discovered the pushbutton mechanism was broken and a part missing. Things began to look more grim as the dial string was also broken. I went to the old radio fixer upper guy for a guide. It wasn't there. Since I would be needing a dial cover I was ready to throw in the towel on this one. But I decided to just browse the diagrams covering Airline and found #55 would work for me! I sent my old dial cover to Mark at Retro Radio Repair for a replacement and started work on the radio. Other than replacing all capacitors and a few resistors I had to replace the 12SQ7. The 12J5 and 35L6 read slightly below standard on my tester but I left them in the set. A little tweaking and it plays ok. Well I had to do something with the pushbuttons...they are broken.